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I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles. - Audrey Hepburn #LoveHurt #Quotes #Relationship #LoveHurtQuotes Facebook: Google+ Twitter: #Quote #heartless #hateit #sadness #killingme #Truth #BreakupsSuck #heartache #hurt #breakup #Love #LoveQuotes #AngryQuotes #LifeQuotes #MovingOnQuotes #BreakupQuotes
The vacancy that sat in my heart is a space that now you hold <3 #summerisending

What is Love to me…

Love happens to anyone at any time and any place. Love is just all around us. It just comes in an unexpected way. It just taps you in the shoulder like an old friend. It doesn’t choose. No matter what language you use, how old you are or even what position in life you have. Falling in love is not base on the physical appearance. It’s about the feeling of completeness a person gives to you. Love is when all their imperfections don’t matter any more. Love is just there. We experienced love in different ways. The love you feel from your family, your friends, your lover or even from strangers. Love blocks all the hatred, pain, greed, and loneliness in this world. Love is beautiful and I hope every person in this world experiences it at least once in their life time. Because I sure have

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